Friday, October 3, 2014

Swim Day

I was at the pool ALL day and pleased to say I went down the slide probably twenty times. There was a screen at the end that showed how fast you went and Aizea and I shaved our time down to 9.06 seconds. We named ourselves the Slide Queens (the king was a large man that kept getting 8 seconds). The wave pool was, well, a wave pool. OH! And I jumped off a three meter diving board a few times (as 5-year-olds somersaulted off the five meter one). But if you know me, I've got a big problem with heights so any time I do something like that it's a huge personal victory. Yes, I held my nose.

Tell me 9 seconds isn't good. (photo: Øhman Rolf)
I think Amy enjoyed her ice cream.
I'm also super excited because Phil has booked trip number two, and now I can start counting down. 

Long distance is shitty and these long weekends are everything.

The rest of the evening is dedicated to my Government essay so I'm hoping for productivity. Wish me luck!

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