Sunday, October 5, 2014

Best Babysitter Ever

Today was my big day alone with the girls and amazingly, it went SO well. Huge pat on the back for myself. After breakfast, I let them watch some cartoons and Pippi L√•ngstrump (just discovered Pippi Longstocking is originally Swedish, what do you know?). I figured I would get ready while they were calm, and decided not to look like a slob. Slowly learning that looking good makes me feel better throughout the day, even if I don't have huge plans. So hence, makeup: 

P.S. this top is from Goodwill

We then went took a trip to the park which turned into a serious leaf hunt. 

Then, we used the leaves to make turkeys.

And in the spirit of October, proceeded to make whatever you want to call these.

If you know these three, you know it's nearly impossible to get through a day without considerable screaming and fighting but I somehow managed everything so well and feel like I can conquer anything. Trond is home now so I'm going to do schoolwork and take it easy the rest of the night. Hope everyone is well!

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