Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've got mail!

The girls are out of school this week for høstferie (autumn vacation) so it's a laid back week. Today I took Amy to the playground which was completely deserted, so between pushes on the swing, I would do squats and she would laugh at me. I haven't been exercising as consistently the last couple of week so I'm trying to squeeze in things here and there to get back on track.

Walking around the park
The highlight of my day was receiving a handwritten letter from Chandler. Of course, I nearly cried. I miss my beebs so ridiculously much. The happiness I felt opening my letter inspired me to write a few myself, which is how I've spent my last two hours. I killed two pens in this process and included lots of lip stain kisses. I think snail mail is such a heartfelt way to remind people you're thinking of them. A.K.A. write me letters please :)

Chan's card (The inside said, "I'm dog-on board!")
LOTS of writing as you can see
Lucia (the mother of the family I work for) just brought me a bowl of freshly baked pear crumble and I think I'm in heaven. Off to shower and do some reading. Hope everyone has a good day!

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