Saturday, September 27, 2014


It's settled. I'm going to make a blog that I actually keep. There will be no theme and no real purpose but to create a place to keep my memories. I want to be able to look back on a day in time and remember what I did and the way I felt. 

With that said, here's an update on my life: I'm back in Bærum! It's been almost two months now and I'm starting to remember why I love it so much here. Though my friends were a huge part of my life the first time around, I'm realizing that my attachment to Norway is so much more. It's the experience of all four seasons, the views that follow you everywhere, the good natured people, the funny accent that I pick up from being around exclusively Norwegians, the brown cheese, etc. 

This time I'm back, miraculously in the same area, as a nanny for three girls (19 months, 5, and 7). That's all the details I'll give for a first blog post. 

Here were some highlights from my week:

Kornelia and I met Else Kåss Furuseth from Torsdag kveld fra Nydalen (basically the SNL of Norway) so she's a big deal. 

And I taught Aizea (the oldest) to two-step. (Ignore horrible music I found on Spotify.)

That's it for now. 

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