Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finishing College

My latest annoyances are the two online courses hanging over my head. I've walked the stage in cap and gown but have no diploma. Deadlines are approaching quickly and anxiety is at an all time high. 

But after studying all day, I'm taking a *quick* blogging break. Here are a few other recent pictures. 

Kornelia and I had a chill weekend. Prior to our night out, we sat on the couch and watched probably ten episodes of Kyle XY (don't ask) and ate loads of junk food.


The weekend before that, Phil visited. Although it was cloudy when the above photo was taken, we had amazing weather and spent lots of time outside. Highlights: kebab by the castle, sunset at Aker Brygge, beers at Frognerseteren Restaurant, and being super tourists at Frogner Park ^

Found this treasure when I was cleaning the other day :') I love my job.

Gonna stop here because school. Send me good vibes.

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